The Refuge Food Pantry “a Living Food Bank”

We started our “Living Food Bank” along with  our Feeding America Food Pantry.

The Refuge Food Pantry is distributing groceries every tuesday for 1pm-3pm and thursday 4-6pm. The recipient can come 1 time per week to receive some food to help their families get the nutrition they need. With your help we could do more. $1 = 7 meals $10 = 70 meals. How many meals would you like to help provide. Click here to go our donation page and consider a $10 per month donation or more.

Yes it is just what it says LIVE FOOD.
We are growing food in an aquaponics system.
The veggies should start coming out in early spring.
Our goal is to have people for the community that would like to eat from our garden come help us with it.
This is a way to share the love of God with the community we/you live in.

It is truly Living FOOD and Living WORD.
As soon as we have this system completely up running and stabilized we would like to help other churches and individuals set up a system to feed their communities and friends and families.
We will be putting up how to soon so watch for it.

Miracle Explosion Ministries
986 McIntyre,
Taft, Texas 78390
T: 361 444.2700 (p)
e-mail: mem.refuge[at]


We ask for a $$$ donation if you are able to help us set up our system and others.

It is growing fish in a tank that feeds the plants that clean the water for the fish.
So by growing our fish to eat and plants to eat we can eliminate a large portion of our grocery bill.

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